Coro Polifonico di Ruda – Contrasti sonori

Choir direction: Fabiana Noro

November 20, 2019 h 8.45 pm – Teatro Pasolini – Cervignano del Friuli


The Ruda Polyphonic Choir boasts a career that lasts since 74 years! The choir sang all over the world with prestigious concerts in Russia, North and South America, Asia and almost all over Europe. Custodian of the Friulian musical tradition, the choir is one of the excellences of the FVG region. On Pasolini’s stage, the choir, directed by Fabiana Noro, presents a new repertoire: a musical journey through the complex and intense universe of human feelings, between different genres and styles, in which the voices are instruments that masterfully interpret the more intimate and delicate prayer as well as the almost shouted denunciation of the horrors of war and film music, with the usual quality appreciated all over the world.


full ticket 10€/ reduced ticket and special agreements 8€/ students 5€


Teatro Pasolini Piazza Indipendenza 34 – Cervignano del Friuli

+39. 0431.370273 – or mail to